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Why it is Important to Complete Your Profile

We have been talking with college coaches...
about what they are looking for in evaluating recruits, and the theme is in:
they want to evaluate the complete athlete.

This means in order for them to take you seriously as an option, you gotta show them the full picture. The good news is, all you have to do is fill out everything on your Sports Thread profile before contacting coaches.

Check out the examples below for a few ideas on how to set up your Sports Thread profile completely 

Your bio section should include:

  • Filled out information for all of the containers. 

  • "What I want coaches to know about me"
    • This is the section to tell coaches what you do best ON AND OFF the field (see example). Make sure you cite all your accomplishments and what you can do to improve their team. 
    • If you put in a scouting report, make sure you include who (what coach/scout/scouting service) wrote it about you. 
Game schedule 
  • College coaches and scouts need to know where and when they can see you play 
Coach's contact information
  • Your current coach's testimonial is critical to a college coach wanting you. Make sure they can contact your coach easily by loading your coach's info
  • Video is one of the most powerful ways to show a coach what you can do. Only Sports Thread allows you to upload an unlimited number of videos. Take advantage of it. 
    • Upload any video you have of yourself on YouTube or Hudl
      • There is a list of free video editors for members in the "Recruiting Rules and Information section" (email us for a link if you need it)
  • Think ahead: if you are going to be training or competing, video tape it, you can upload video from your camera roll. 
    • Some things that make great video:
      • Training: weights, agility drills, practicing your sport
      • Game film
      • Film of your mechanics (Maybe use the slo-mo feature on your phone)
      • Anything else you can think of that a coach may want to see
      • Keep them short: no more than 3-5 minutes



  • Stats are critical for coaches. They need to know how you perform in games.

  • Load up your stats by inserting a URL to any website that holds your stats or scouting reports. Examples are:
    • Maxpreps
    • Newspaper preps websites
    • Any website that has done a scouting report on you like:
      • Perfect Game, ESPN 100, etc.

  • Load your game results 
    • Take a screen shot of the game/competition event results after you play
    • Take a picture of the statistics taken at your game when it ends 

  • Coaches NEED your grades and test scores to know if you can be admitted into their college. 

  • Input your GPA and ACT/SAT scores (if you have taken them)
  • Upload your unofficial transcript.
    • Coaches LOVE it when they have access to your transcript. It takes the guesswork out of knowing whether or not you qualify for admission.
      • You can usually access your unofficial transcript from your school's online portal
      • Ask your counselor for help if you need help accessing your transcript 
  • ​​Financial Aid: FACT- Most college sports are partial scholarship sports meaning that there are not enough scholarships for everyone on the team to be on a full ride. This means IF YOU CAN QUALIFY FOR FINANCIAL AID, it can actually help your standing with them as a recruit. Coaches know they can help you fund your schooling with academic aid in addition to an athletic scholarship