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Creating a relationship with coaches and keeping in regular contact with them is crucial to your success. You need to stay in CONSTANT contact with coaches to ensure you stay on their radar as a possible recruit!

You are allowed to innitiate contact with college coaches at any time during your high school career, however, college coaches are very limited in their abilities to contact you personally due to strict regulations. Coaches cannot initiate any contact with you for a large portion of the year, so keep in mind that it's always better to get to know coaches earlier on. 

Don't be afraid to pick up the phone as a freshman and contact a college coach at a school you're interested in. Yes, this can be difficult to do and somewhate intimidating, but the more contact you have with coaches the more they will get to know you and you will have a much greater chance of being on their recruiting list. 



You need to start researching  schools that interest you. 

Create a list of 60 shcools on Sports Thread that you think you would be interested in playing for.

Make sure to include safety schools, match schools and reach schools when creating this list!
Sports Thread has made it very simple for you to contact college coaches. Search the school you are interested in in the "search" tab, select the "info" tab under that school's profile and select the "coache's information" tab.

You will see a list of every coach in that particular sports program with their title, social profile page, athletic website URL, their personal phone number and email address listed.  

Gather the Contact Information for Coaches at Your 60 Schools

Create A List of 60 Colleges That Interest You On Sports Thread


Before calling a coach, send them your Sports Thread athletic profile and research their sports program on Sports Thread. Check the team's Twitter account for information and know their standings. The more you know about the sports program the better it will look to a coach! You will also get ideas to talk to them about. 



These calls are meant to help you establish a relationship with coaches.  Text messaging is a great way to communicate as well and we will discuss this more below. 
You need to be prepared to answer questions and ask coaches specific questions. Below is a list of questions you should write down before you decide to make a call. Be as prepared as possible!



Practice role playing with a friend or family member before you call. Speak clearly and steadily and don't use slang words. These conversations should be casual as you're beginning to establish a friendly relationship with them.
 Just relax! 

Calling College Coaches

If you call a coach and they don't answer, you may call again that day but only make two calls maximum in one day. Leave a short message after your second call if they don't pick up and give them a few days to get back to you before you call again. Remember, they're very busy.



As a student athlete you are allowed to call coaches at any time during your high school career. When you call, intoduce yourself with your name, city, and high school. Ask them if they've had a chance to look at your Sports Thread athletic profile and if not then send it to them again.
Be honest if a coach asks you what other schools are recruiting you. If you are being recruited by others, tell them, but make sure not to give them too much information. Coaches like it when athletes they're interested in are being recruited by other schools as it shows they're a competitve recruit!


Coaches will ask you about your grades. Be honest. If your grades aren't where you want them to be then express that and prove that you're a hard worker by improving your grades that semester! Tell them your academic goals, but be sure they're realistic before you set them.

Best Times to Call a Coach

Look for evaluation and contact periods for your sport to get an idea of when to call during regular season.
Between the hours of 9am-3pm on weekdays.
Consider calling a day after the coache's team win a game. This will put them in a good mood.
Check their game schedule and call  a couple days before or a day after.  
During the off-season when coaches have more time. 

Quesitons to Ask a Coach

Common Questions From Coaches to Prepare For

  • Have you looked at my Sports Thread athletic profile?
  • What are you looking for in an recruit?
  • What type of players do you like working with?
  • What is a typical day like for an athlete at your school?
  • Do you think I will be able to compete for playing time as a freshman?
  • Have you seen my highlight videos? 
  • How heavily are you recruiting my position? 
  • Do you have tutors available for student athletes?
  • How many scholarships are available for my class?
  • What is your GPA? 
  • What are you SAT/ ACT scores?
  • What are your goals in life?
  • What are your athletic goals? 
  • What do you do outside of school and athletics. 
  • What schools are recruiting you?
  • What do you know about my program?
  • Why do you want to play college sports?
  • What are your weaknesses/ strengths as an athlete? 



After you text a coach, contact them directly with a phone call. You should always attempt to communicate with coaches first throuh a phone call unless they seem to like texting better. 
Text the college coaches on your list of 60 schools within Sports Thread your athletic profile. This will put you on their radar. 



Texting College Coaches

As you continue to develop your Sports Thread athletic profile, keep sending coaches your updated versions with a bit of text telling them what's different on your profile. 
Do not send multiple texts at once, send two texts at a time at the most when speaking to a coach and do not use abbreviations such as "u" for the word "you." Treat it like you're interviewing for a job, because you are!


Do not text a coach at strange hours of the day. Be considerate of their time and only text them when you think it's appropriate. Usually between 9am to 8 PM are acceptable windows to contact a coach. Be mindful of thier time zone as well.