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You will find a sample email and explanation of what each section of the letter is accomplishing. Customize the template below and email it to the coach. Do not copy everything word for word. Coaches appreciate originality. Make yourself stand out!
To use this template, copy and paste it into the email to a coach, then replace all ( underlined) items with your information, and fill in the blanks as well! Do not copy everything word for word, coaches appreciate originality, it will help you stand out!
Subject Line: My Season Recap

(Your name)
(Your email)
(Your phone number)

Coach (________),

Now that the season is wrapped up, I wanted to send you a brief summary of my performance. ( Tell them how the team did here). (Tell them how you did here). Now that the season is over, I am now setting my sights on what is next. 

Season highlights:

  • ( Statistic #1 here)
  • (Statistic #2 here)
  • (Statistic #3 here)
  • (Include more stats here if appropriate.)
  • (Include more stats here if appropriate.)
  • (Personal achievement here)
  • (Personal achievement here) 

More information is available on the “Stats” section of my Sports Thread profile page, which has game by game information on it.

I believe I had a great season, and know what I need to work on as a player to improve. I will be using the down time in between seasons to work on:
  • (Improvement #1 here)
  • (Improvement #2 here)
  • (Improvement #3 here)

During this season, in addition to interest from you and your program, I  also received interest from ( # of schools here) other schools including ( school name here) and ( school name here).

I am excited to continue this process with you as I head into the offseason. 

(Your name here)

Ps. My coach ( coach's name here) said (he/she) would be happy to speak to interested coaches about my season and how I could impact your program. ( His/her) number is (XXX-XXX-XXXX).

Once again, you can review my Sports Thread profile for season stats and highlight video on me from the season!
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