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Familiarize yourself with these terms early on so that you can gain a better understanding of the recruitment process and ensure that you are following the NCAA, NAIA and JUCO rules. 

This is the period of time that a college coach is allowed to contact you either by email, phone, or regular mail. Coaches are allowed to watch you compete and can have face-to-face or virtual contact with you or your parent/guardian. Contact periods for each sport and grade are different, be sure to refer to the " Contact Periods " tab on the Sports Thread website for more in depth information. 
During a dead period college coaches are prohibited from making contact with you or your parents/ guardians. During this time coaches cannot make evaluations of you at all, though they are allowed to make phone calls to both you and your parents/ guardians if they so choose. 
An evaluation is when a coach observes you play either in practice or at a game/meet/match and evaluates your athletic abiliities. There can be multiple times a single coach does this throughout your career. 
Evaluation Period
During this period of time coaches will come evaluate your athletic abilities at either your high school or club that you compete on. Though they can come watch you play, coaches are not allowed to have any face-to-face communication with you or contact you while doing so. Even though you aren't allowed to communicate with a coach face-to-face during this time, coaches are allowed to call, text or email you and your parents/ guardians. You are allowed to make college campus visits during this time but you cannot talk to coaches while doing so. 
Quiet Period
During a quiet period, coaches are not allowed to come to your games/matches/meets to watch you play, or your practices. If the coach is on their college campus, they can make in-person contact with you or your parents/guardians. Coaches are allowed to make phone calls or text you or your parents/guardians during this time and visits to college campuses are allowed.
Dead Period
Coaches are not allowed to have any in-person contact with you or your parents/ guardians, but can still call, text or email you during these period. 
Recruiting Materials
These are athletically related materials that can be given to you, your parents/ guardians or your coaches beginning September 1st of you junior year of high school. 
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