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Below is an example email with guidance on what each part of the letter is accomplishing. Do not copy everything word for word, coaches appreciate originality, it will help you stand out!
To use this template, copy and paste the text it into the email to a coach. Then replace all (underlined) items with your specific information, and fill in the blanks as well. Do not copy the words in italics. Do not copy everything word for word. Coaches appreciate originality. It will help you stand out!​​
SUBJECT LINE: Something New For You To Consider
(Email address)
(Phone Number)

Dear Coach (_________),

I realize you are very busy, I want to ask you to take a quick “time out” to consider the following: 

  • I am (height/weight here).
  • I have a (____ GPA and a     ACT/SAT). Don't include if not a strong point.
  • (Best athletic stat here).
  • (Best accomplishment here).
  • (Testimonial here)

“Time outs” are to reset, and make the right call or decision. 

I believe I am the right decision for you, Coach. While I hope you will reconsider what I can add to your program, please shoot me back a note letting me know if I have a shot at playing for you. 


(Your name)

P.S. For your convenience, I have attached the link below to view my Player Profile, it has all of the information you need to evaluate me, including: highlight video, my athletic and academic statistics, coaches contact information, and game schedules. The link is free to view!
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