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How to stay eligible to compete in your sport in the NJCAA

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NJCAA Academic Requirements


Much like the NAIA, the eligiblity requirements to play within the NJCAA are much more relaxed than the requirements to compete in the NCAA.

In order to participate, a student-athlete must:

1. Meet entrance eligibility requirements, enrollment requirements, and accumulation requirements, or meet qualifications for limited exceptions.

2. Student-athletes must be making satisfactory progress within an approved college program or course as listed in the college catalog.
The NJCAA has no official governing body, so acceptance into an NJCAA member school is done on an individual basis. 

For this reason, it is recommended that each potential student-athlete discuss their athletic eligibility with the athletic personnel at the NJCAA college where they are interested in attending. Simply email or call the institution and discuss your options with qualified personnel. 

Important Note: In order to be eligable to move onto the NCAA or NAIA from the NJCAA, you will most likely need to complete your Associate Arts (AA) degree.