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You will find an example email and explanation of what each part of the letter is accomplishing, then the email template below. Do not copy everything word for word, coaches appreciate originality, it will help you stand out!
To use this template, copy and paste it into the email to a coach, then replace all (underlined) items with your information, and fill in the blanks as well! Do not copy everything word for word, coaches appreciate originality, it will help you stand out!
SUBJECT LINE: About To Make My Selection
(Email address)
(Phone Number)

Dear Coach (_________),

I believe we have gotten to a point in this process where I need to tell you about what I am looking for in a collegiate opportunity. There are a few questions I have for you as I am trying to find the opportunity that will be the best fit for me. I am looking for:

  • A place to compete.
  • I want to play. When do you see me having an opportunity to earn game time? 

  • A place my family can afford. I know the tuition at ( school name here) is ( tuition amount here). That is a stretch for my family. 

  • I want to play for you coach, I need help figuring out how to make it work for myself and my family. I know that I am in a situation where I should be able to receive financial aid.
    • What are the next steps in evaluating my financial ability to attend (school name here)? I need to get an idea of what the true cost of attendance will be. 

  • A place that can help me move on. I believe I have the ability to move on and play professionally. (only include if this applies to you).
    • What does your program do to help players who are good enough to move on? 

  • A place with a great education. I have done my research on your school using Sports Thread, and know a lot of the educational details on your school, but is there anything you would like to share with me?

Thank you for all of the interest in me so far, I am very excited at the prospect of playing for you at ( school name here), I believe I am a player who can make a major impact on your program. Please let me know how you think I can fit in on some of these items, I am excited to share the results of this letter with my family in our decision making process!


(Your name here)
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