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What is Sports Thread?

Sports Thread is a purpose-driven start-up based in Denver, Colorado that offers a social media based, self-promotion, and educational platform for the nearly eight million high school athletes in the United  States.  Sports Thread helps all student-athletes to achieve their dreams of playing college sports, regardless of their individual skill level, socioeconomic status or geographic location.

How does Sports Thread get high school athletes exposure?

Sports Thread puts the athlete in control of their own destiny.

Profile Page: Athletes are able to convey who they are to college coaches through their Athletic Digital IdentityTM (profile) to college coaches for evaluation.

Sports Thread Chat: College coaches are able to contact any athlete through Sports Thread Chat from their profile.

Coaches Communication System: Allows athletes to contact nearly any college coach at any college with Email templates that guide them through the process of promoting themselves. College coaches receive customized Emails from high school athletes briefing them on the athlete's progress, grades, etc.

The Thread: A centralized feed to all members of Sports Thread featuring every post made to an athlete's profile page. The more an athlete posts the more exposure they get.

How do I set up my Sports Thread profile or Athletic Digital Identity?

Once an athlete logs into Sports Thread for the first time they will be prompted to begin filling out their Athletic Digital Identity TM (profile). If an athlete needs to access their profile page after this, they can click "menu" then "edit profile". Sports Thread's profile pages have boxes with headers that mark what to put in each one. Athlete's profile pages also allow them to upload pictures and videos from their camera roll as they would on many other social media sites.  Athletes can also insert URLs (web addresses) from external sites like Max Preps, Hudl, and YouTube by simply pasting them into the marked boxes.

There is also a  brief "how-to" video   available on the first step of the self promotion process that will guide you step-by-step.

When is the Sports Thread App available, what does it cost?

The Sports Thread iOS mobile App is available today for free from the Apple App store. A mobile-responsive website supporting desktop and Android devices at

How is Sports Thread different from recruiting companies?

Sports Thread offers under one platform a complete set of features to help high school athletes obtain a college scholarship. Those Features are accessible via the website or App and include:

  • ​​ Messaging between college coaches and athletes
  • Group messaging for teams, friends, and coaches
  • Upload unlimited highlight videos
  • College information including virtual reality tours, recruiting rules and financial aid information
  •  Multi-sport athletes can input information using a single account with features such as email templates, bulk emailing, push notifications, Twitter feeds, college wish lists, and a live “feed” of
        social media posts

What are some similar Apps?

Similar, but less robust, apps include CaptainU and Field Level.

Does registering with Sports Thread violate NCAA rules?

Registering with Sports Thread does not violate NCAA regulations. High school athletes should talk to their high school coach regarding any restrictions on social media activities and visit the Prospective
Student-Athlete page of the NCAA website.

Do college coaches read Emails from recruits?

Yes. College coaches receive Emails from high school athletes every day. College coaches know that they need to read these Emails; they need the strongest recruiting classes possible and cannot miss a great player who has interest in playing for them.

Sports Thread athletes are recommended to contact every coach at a college of interest. You never know which coach is reading Emails but you can rest assured one of the coaches on staff is. Once an athlete receives a response from a college coach they should treat them as their point of contact and only send information to that coach.

When should I start promoting myself to college coaches?

Athletes should begin promoting themselves to colleges as early as seventh grade. College sport programs - particularly in women's sports - begin to make offers to athletes in these years.

By beginning to build an Athletic Digital Identity early in their careers, athletes can document their progress and growth as they mature which will help college coaches project their ability level in college.

Who is Sports Thread for?

Sports Thread is for everyone in the athletic community:

  • High School Athletes
  • High School Students
  • High School Coaches
  • College Coaches
  • College Athletes
  • College Students
  • Parents
  • Sports Fans

How many college coaches can be reached on the Sports Thread platform?

Our app has nearly 2,000 colleges and 55,000 sports teams' information on it including college coaches' contact information. College coaches do not have to be a Sports Thread member to review profiles of athletes on the platform. Through Sports Thread's Coaches Communication System (CCS) nearly every college coach is available to be contacted through the platform.

Do I need a credit card to use Sports Thread?​

No, Sports Thread is completely free for all users.

When did Sports Thread start?

Sports Thread has been in "stealth mode" for the last 2 years as the company has built many concurrent product releases all leading up to the product which is available today. Check out our news release, for more information on Sports Thread.  

How do I reach Customer Service?

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions. Email or reach out to us through direct message on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat or Twitter.