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You already have your profile, but the other items in Sports Thread make this a much more useful tool.
How To Set Up Your Profile
Lets get real for a second. You are GOING to get a place to play, let's make sure it's somewhere you’ll want to stay. The last thing you need is to show up at a school like…
We wanna make sure you show up feeling like...
How do we do this?

We will teach you to use all of our premium features like:

  • Email templates for talking to college coaches 
  • National Coaches Directory (coaches from every sports program at every school)
  • A library of recruiting rules and information to keep you on track
  • Virtual tours of college campuses
  • One-Stop-Shop information center on critical items unique to each college
  • View everything happening in a sports program and at a college through live Twitter feeds:
    • Topics of discussion with college coaches
    • Practice/Game Updates
    • Coach Interviews
    • Insight into campus life
    • Insights and interaction with athletes in college

Just watch this video, you'll see what Sports Thread Premium can do for you.

Basically, sign up for Sports Thread Premium and get access to all these features so on signing day you don't look like...

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